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About BUWG

The group exists to promote interest in and conservation of wildlife and habitats in the Bradf
ord area. 
A good example of our work is the creation and maintenance of a butterfly meadow on land at Shipley station, carried out in partnership with the Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation
common blue butterfly at Shipley Station

New "need to know" - More details on topics of interest 
                                      What is a Green Hairstreak?
                                      What are neonicotinoids? 
                                      How can I garden for wildlife?
Events are open to members
and to non-members for a small fee.

                        NEWS Milner Fields Farm - this request for planning                                     consent has been WITHDRAWN - 
                        Congratulations to the Downs family

Sty Lane - outline planning permission granted
for more  than 400 houses 

Points from our newsletter
Shipley redevelopment

          - ref 13/03792/maf
  -Click for Link

                                      moths flying tonight 
 help to identify your catch
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