BUWG  - Autumn Winter programme

All meetings in Shipley Library at 7:30 pm unless otherwise specified

Thursday 28th September   Otters in the Aire Valley
                                         Don Vine - Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Thursday 26th October       Wildlife at Low Moor
                                         Martin Priestley
                                         Martin will provide an update on Bee                                            Orchids, moths, and conservation at                                             Railway Terrace and Dealburn Road

Sunday 12th November       Annual grass-cut at Shipley Station                                                Meadow - 11am onwards.

                                         Please support if only for a short time                                                 - we need your help. 

Thursday 23rd November     The Fascinating World of the                                                         Honeybee

     Louise Mallinson - 
     Airdale Bees Association


 Louise is also a member of the                Bumble-bee Association. 

Thursday 14th December     Christmas meeting with food & drink
                                          Short talk with speaker 
                                          to be arranged.

Useful phone numbers for more information:
Susan Stead 01274 774912 or 07789 660574
Martin Priestley 01274 418402
Lorna Leeming 01274 815835
Val Shepherd 01274 563662

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