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Wed.  23        Sconce Crag
                     in search of barn owls & listening for cuckoos
                     An evening walk
                     Meet at 6.45 pm at the start of Sconce Lane         
                      Leader: Val                        


Friday 08        Southern Marsh Orchid Survey
                      Bingley South Bog

                      Meet 1.45 pm at bottom of John Escritt Road
                      Leader: Susan

Friday 15         Survey Roberts Park
Sat. 23            Shipley Station Open Afternoon
                       Joint event with Butterfly Conservation
                       Drop in at /after 1.30 pm

                        Leader: Susan
Thursday 28      Dealburn Road Site
                        Another opportunity to see bee orchids
                        Meet on the patch of land off the A638
                        Between 2 pubs
                        “The George” & the “Black Horse”
                         Leader: Martin & Susan
Sunday 1            Rae Gala, Northcliffe Park
Wed. 4               Cullingworth Bee Orchid site
                         Meet 1.30 pm in layby on Manywells Brow                                 
                                    Our objective is to survey the number of orchids
                          (bee and common-spotted) and the butterfly                                population
                          We will pass details to site ecologist,
                          Mark Woods 

                           Leaders: Lorna & Susan
Friday 6               Marbled White Butterfly Survey
                           Meet 1.45 pm Shipley Station

                           Leader: Susan
Thursday 26        Trench Meadows SSSI
                          Aim is to list flora and fauna
                          Meet 2 pm, Bus turning circle at end of Coach                              Road                               
                           Leader: Susan
Friday 27             Survey Roberts Park
                           Looking at trees with Friends of Roberts Park
Saturday 4           Big Butterfly Count Shipley Glen
                           Meet at Bracken Hall at 11am
                           (The friends of Bracken Hall also plan an                                       afternoon event)
                           Leader: Susan
Sunday 12             Butterfly Walk – Prince of Wales Park
                            meet at 2.00 pm top of Park entrance
                            Leader: Susan

        Leaders : Susan Stead: 01274 774912
                          07789 667574

               Val Shepherd:  01274 563662
Lorna Leeming: 01274815835 
Martin Priestley: 1274 418402

Just before Christmas we were notified that, until the end January 2018, Shipley Library would close at 5 pm. Our meetings at the Library had been cancelled.

This action was the result of antisocial behaviour by groups of youths outside the building

Meetings will return to  Shipley library in April

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